Fabulous Fitness

Private Yoga Session - One Hour   €50.00

Private Yoga Session - One Hour  € 50.00

Build yourself a balanced body and mind with this clever system of health from ancient India. 60 minutes. Price is per person.

Private Pilates Session - One Hour   €50.00

Private Pilates Session - One Hour  € 50.00

Strengthen muscles, improve posture and increase flexibility with this body conditioning exercise originally designed for dancers. 60 minutes. Price is per person.

Private Stretching Session - One Hour   €50.00

Private Stretching Session - One Hour  € 50.00

Have a professional ease out all your tight bits. 60 minutes.

Personal Training Session - One Hour   €50.00

Personal Training Session - One Hour  € 50.00

Reach your full workout potential with a motivating personal trainer. 60 minutes

Postural Corrective Exercise - One Hour   €50.00

Postural Corrective Exercise - One Hour  € 50.00

Special movements to help improve balance, stability and mobility where you need it most. 60 minutes.

Nutrition Consultation - One Hour   €80.00

Nutrition Consultation - One Hour  € 80.00

Tailored nutritional advice to help you achieve total heath and wellbeing. 60 minutes. Price is per person.

Private Tennis Lesson - One Hour   €45.00

Private Tennis Lesson - One Hour  € 45.00

Improve your technique with a professional tennis coach. 60 minutes. Price is per person.

Private Gym Induction - One Hour   €50.00

Private Gym Induction - One Hour  € 50.00

Learn how to work out safely. 60 minutes. Price is per person.