Facial Radience

OSEA Malibu Seaweed Facial   €85.00

OSEA Malibu Seaweed Facial  € 85.00

Deep cleanse, hydrate and brighten: an algae, seaweed and plant extract facial for a wave of freshness. 60 minutes

QMS Age Defying Collagen Facial   €100.00

QMS Age Defying Collagen Facial  € 100.00

Firm and smooth: a high-tech exfoliating facial with natural collagens for younger-looking skin. 60 minutes

QMS Lift & Tone Facial   €125.00

QMS Lift & Tone Facial  € 125.00

Uplift and tone: this anti-ageing facial also lavishes contouring cream on the delicate neck, décolleté and breast area. 60 minutes

Gold Cellular Age-Restore Facial Therapy By Ila   €130.00

Gold Cellular Age-Restore Facial Therapy By Ila  € 130.00

This powerful treatment encompasses a blend of the world’s undiscovered ingredients to heal and protect the skin fromnatural signs of ageing. Three naturally occurring golds and the rarest of Frankincense are introduced into the skin with healing massage and hyaluronic extracts combined with sonic wave therapy, instantly increasing collagen levels, reducing cell inflammation and encouraging rejuvenation. 60 minutes.

Pure Oxygen Facial   €140.00

Pure Oxygen Facial  € 140.00

Stimulate and regenerate: a facial using 98% pure oxygen for the ultimate skin boost. 75 minutes

Pure Oxygen Add On   €30.00

Pure Oxygen Add On  € 30.00

Add to any QMS facial for a regenerating boost. 15 minutes

Almyra Serenity Facial by Ila   €100.00

Almyra Serenity Facial by Ila  € 100.00

Firm, smooth and restore: an orange blossom, honey and rose stem cell anti-ageing facial that includes a head massage, lymphatic drainage, nerve point therapy and mask. 75 minutes

Crystal Healing Facial Therapy by Ila   €90.00

Crystal Healing Facial Therapy by Ila  € 90.00

This harmonising facial therapy harnesses the healing vibration of crystals to release and revitalise the skin. A garnet face scrub protects and energises the skin while hot poultices on the acupressure points restore radiance. A cooling nourishing jade mask concludes the treatment by reducing the appearance of fine lines. 60 minutes