Body Contour

Almyra Synergy by Ila   €80.00

Almyra Synergy by Ila  € 80.00

A nourishing scrub that uses the healing properties of Himalayan salt crystals for glowing skin and emotional wellbeing. 60 minutes

Osea Seaweed Exfoliation   €60.00

Osea Seaweed Exfoliation  € 60.00

A hydrating treatment using seaweed and sea salt to exfoliate and re-mineralise the skin. 45 minutes

Sea Algae Detox   €80.00

Sea Algae Detox  € 80.00

A body wrap using the purest algae for a super-effective skin cleanse. 60 minutes

Osea Aloe Vera Gel Cooler   €50.00

Osea Aloe Vera Gel Cooler  € 50.00

A comforting, cooling treatment for delicate, sun-sensitive skins. 30 minutes

Cypriot Sugar & Carob Exfoliation   €60.00

Cypriot Sugar & Carob Exfoliation  € 60.00

A natural Cypriot treatment to smooth and nourish the skin. 45 minutes

Undaria Scrub & Detox Wrap   €110.00

Undaria Scrub & Detox Wrap  € 110.00

€ 110 An organic seaweed scrub and algae wrap to polish and purify the skin. Great for weight loss. 90 minutes

QMS Lifting and Sculpting Body Treatment   €130.00

QMS Lifting and Sculpting Body Treatment  € 130.00

Ideal for firming and contouring the lower body; a stimulating treatment to beat cellulite on the stomach, hips and thighs. 60 minutes