Week of Sleep for exhausted parents  €980.00

You know you need it!
- 1 x welcome consult
- 1 x 60-minute nutrition consult to help you eat for sleep
- Daily 60-minute yoga session to calm and balance
- Daily 20-minute sauna session to open up pores
- Daily Hypnos spa treatment to destress
- Daily 30-minute Almyra Signature Bath for ease
- Daily fresh juices for zing

Treatments include:
- 1 x 60-minute Hot Stone massage 
- 2 x 30-minute Oriental Head massage
- 2 x 60-minute Aromatherapy massage with sleep-inducing essential oils* 
- 1 x 60-minute Reflexology session*

* Pregnant or breastfeeding women will be massaged with custom-made oils and given a manicure pedicure (or other agreed treatment) in place of Reflexology.

Price is per person excluding accommodation for 6 yoga sessions, 6 sauna sessions, 6 spa treatments, 6 baths and 1 nutrition session.